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1. Product Search

1.1 How to search a product?
Besides browsing through our product catalogue, you may also enter the keywords of the item names or just choose the category at which your desired items belong to.
You can search by Keyword, Category or product code and its name etc.

1.2 What is the essential information had to be input for Keyword Search?
Please input the whole phrase of the product name or just any one word of it.
For example, if you are looking for hair accessories, you may simply input any one word of these phrase hair accessories and choose the “Any word” in the box nearby.   

1.3 How to search by category?
Just choose the category at which your desired products belong to, there are hair accessories set, stationery set, furry pen, bathing set, beach set, girls gift set, plush bag, cosmetic bag and others.

1.4 If I now want to search for hair accessories set which are under promotion currently, what should I do?
Please input the information as shown below:                   

2. Order Process

2.1 How to register as a member of Chinafocus?
If you are a new customer of Chinafocus you will need to register. 
Just fill in your information in "Your Account" when you register as Chinafocus's member. For this, your credit or debit card details will be required together with confirmation of the delivery address.

2.2 What is required for registering Chinafocus’s member? 
When you want to make order or acquire an sample, please register first all you have to do is select the package that’s right for you, provide your service address and billing information, and agree to a method of payment.

2.3 How can I make an order online?
First of all, you must register before making an order. When you have found a product that you wish to buy, just click “Add to Cart” icon and it will be added in your shopping list. You can check your order status throughout your shopping session in “View Cart” and amend your selection there. Once you have finished shopping, click on the logout icon to complete your purchase.

Liability of all the parties

2.4 How the liabilities be shared between you and Chinafocus?
Chinafocus will be responsible for any losses suffered by you if the losses suffered were reasonably foreseeable by either party when the contract for sale was formed. We will not be liable for any business loss (including loss of profits, revenue, contracts, anticipated savings, data, goodwill or wasted expenditure) or any other indirect or consequential loss that is not reasonably foreseeable by either party when the contract for sale is formed.
For example, any damage on appliances due to the wrong matching adaptor or power supply will not be count as Chinafocus’s fault and liability.

2.5 When the goods are damaged during delivery, who will bear the reasonability?
Any damage during delivery will be excluded in Chinafocus’s liability.


2.6 Is it safe to send my confidential information to Chinafocus over the Internet?
Yes, We ensure you that the security of your personal data is our highest priority, so we’ve taken steps to ensure that your checking account number, credit card number, and other sensitive information is never sent unprotected over the Internet. All payments are processed through secure server which utilizes a SSL security system. This system encrypts your credit card and personal details to ensure that they should not be read by anyone else when transmitted over the Internet.

3.Contact us

3.1 What if I have a question about the order?
Please contact us at (852) 28236353 or email: Our customer officers are always happy to assist you.

3.2 How to catch us?
We understand your needs. So we provide timely support and assistance to you. Just call us, fax us or email us, you will get our professional advice. We are happy to support you anytime. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us: 
You can find our contact information under the Contact Us section or you may enter the Contact Us section and fill in the enquiry form.

Please kindly state your company name, name, email address, contact no. and your inquiry clearly in every email.